A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Call the Doctor is a "Mini Game" with a gameplay length between 5-10 minutes. It belongs to the genre of "Horror"games. It is the story of a young business man who traveled to Germany, to buy an old hospital and restore it for a highly lucrative Hotel. What he doesn't know is what lies in that old hospital. His life will soon be changed drastically, yet he doesn't realize it.

Developers Note:

This game was created as a "1 Day Challenge". This means there was only one day to create the whole game, story, eventing. Everything. For that reason all graphical resources used are made by "Kadokawa Corporation", the music used in this game is made by Onderwish (In-game Soundtrack) and Alphahog (Title screen Soundtrack). Feel free to play and enjoy this game.

Install instructions

Installation[Mac OS]:

-Download the .zip file and extract it.
-Open the extracted map, in there should be an application.
-Click on the application to play the game


-Download the .exe and run it.


-This game can be played with both mouse and arrow keys.
-To interact with a certain object use Spacebar/ Enter.
-To go to your inventory use Esc and navigate to items.


Call The Docter1.1[Mac OS].zip 75 MB
Call the Doctor.exe 167 MB